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Fundraisers Friend

Fundraisers Friend generates high quality leads with high volumes worldwide.

Our goal is to reach as high a contact rate and conversion rate as possible, and we want to be our clients preferred partner in lead generation and lead management. We know the challenges and rising issues regarding recruitment of new donors and members within the NGO sector – we are Fundraisers Friend.

We generate the leads from online surveys and social media platforms. All leads delivered from Fundraisers Friend are included with permission from the respondent to be contacted by our clients. A lead delivered from us will always consist of name, address, zip, city, email, telephone number etc. The leads delivered by us can be used for both telemarketing and digital campaigns due to the fact, that both phone number and email are available.

Our campaigns will not be presented through medias that are representing our clients already. This will make sure that our clients are not paying for the same leads twice.

In addition to this, we will ensure that our clients are not contacting people that are already donors or members of the specific organisation.

We can handle the processes between generating the leads, managing the process and exchange the data between our clients and the telemarketing agencies associated with the clients. When a client uses more than one telemarketing agency, we will make sure, that the telemarketing agencies are not contacting the same people.

Below, we have illustrated and described the lead management process – both externally and internally.

Fundraisers Friend - External Lead Management

Fundraisers Friend - Internal Lead Management

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